How Much Are Your Wedding Photographs Worth?

Yesterday I blogged about why price should be the last thing you consider when it comes to choosing a photographer for your wedding. Tonight, we're looking at value. Take a look at this photo.....(try not too laugh too hard):

That's a really old photo of me and my family, taken around 26 years ago. Yeh yeh yeh.....I know! They don't do haircuts like that anymore! I can hear what you're thinking......what's this got to do with wedding photography? Let me explain....

Not long after that photo was taken, I remember my Dad (that's the chap in the red sweater) took the spool down to the chemists and had it printed. We probably looked at it for a few minutes, then it got stuffed in a drawer along with all our other family prints. And I'm sure you can relate - we've all got a drawer like that somewhere in the house! The point is, we didn't really value that photo massively at the time to be fair. How much was it worth? At the time I'd have argued no more than the paper it was printed on.

Fast forward 26 years to the present day, and the power of this really hits home. Two of the people in that photo are no longer with us - sadly my Dad and Grandad passed away a few years after the photo was taken. Out of everyone in the photo, there's only three of us left. A fleeting moment in time, never to be repeated.

I read this somewhere on social media and it's so true:

"People don't value photos until it's all they have left"

Going back to our family photo, sure we didn't value it much at the time but how much is that photo worth now? I'd argue it's priceless. Photographs bring back memories and feelings like nothing else on earth. It's the reason why people will tell you if they could save only one thing from a house fire it'd be their photographs.

So, coming back to the point of this post, how do you put a value on your wedding photos? Now let's make the distinction between value & price again. You can easily find out how much it'll cost to have your wedding photos taken, but how much will they be worth to you? How do you value them in years to come?

You can't. Truly, they're pricelss. And they grow more valuable with time.

And now the real point of this post. When It comes to choosing a photographer for your wedding, choose carefully. Don't make price your main concern, because one day, your photos are all you'll have left.

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A Photo isn't a photo until it's printed...

"A photo isn't a photo until it's printed"

I read that on a wedding website last week and it really resonated with me. I've got to say, I reckon that's true. There's something nice about a photo you can touch & feel. We all consume images in different ways now, amazing advancements in technology mean we can carry our photos in our pockets on our phones, view them online, on computer etc. I have to say I love the way technology has revolutionised photography.

But what happens in the next 10 - 20 years when technology changes? Look how far we've come in the last 10-15 years - who knows what technology we'll be using to view our photos on in 20 years time. What happens when those DVDs no longer work in your computer because your brand new computer no longer has a DVD drive? Or worse still, what happens when your hard drive fails?? What's the answer?? Print your photos! And this is where a wedding album comes into play.

A professionally-designed wedding album will show off your precious wedding photos for years to come, no matter how our technology changes. You'll never need to worry about your wedding album "running out of battery"!! I've also often heard people say "yeh, you buy a wedding album and it just sits in the cupboard, no-one looks at it". Maybe that's true for the first few years. But keep in mind, your wedding album gets more valuable as the years pass - it's something physical you can see and touch, which brings memories of loved ones and special times flooding back in detail.

So, if you've got your precious wedding photos hiding unseen on a hard drive somewhere, or you've still to book your wedding photographer, give us a shout! We offer luxurious hand-made Italian wedding albums that come with a lifetime guarantee, for a special product that will truly last. Get in touch today :-)