Wedding Photography in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Throughout Scotland


Stunning Wedding Photography in Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond

At Alan Snelling Photography, we know how difficult it can be to choose a photographer for your wedding - there's so many out there to choose from throughout Scotland! Let us take the hassle out of your decision for you...

When you book Alan to photograph your wedding in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland, you'll be hiring an experienced, qualified master wedding photographer so you can relax, knowing your wedding photos are in good hands.

We provide natural, beautiful, contemporary wedding photography throughout Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Perthshire and beyond. Book us and you'll receive the very best service and quality, with fully-edited images that really tell the story of your wedding. What's more, we believe that wedding photography should be fun - an experience which truly adds to the wedding day itself. We wouldn't have it any other way!!

Wedding Photography in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland

  • Wedding Photographer Edinburgh
  • Wedding Photographer Edinburgh
  • Wedding Photographer Edinburgh

Our Approach to Your Big Day

It's important to us that you enjoy your wedding day! We know not everyone enjoys having their photo taken and so we'll put you and your guests at ease. Our relaxed, friendly approach to your wedding ensures that we get the job done with a minimum of stress & fuss.

What's more, we'll go out of our way to make it fun for you and your guests. After all, if you're enjoying yourselves your photos will look better too!

We'll work quietly & unobtrusively in the background where required (especially important during your wedding ceremony!), working closely with your venue and other suppliers to ensure your day is a complete success.

We're also there to support you every step of the way - we've got a lot of valuable experience which we'll bring to your big day, everything from recommending trusted suppliers, to keeping control of timings & much more.

Use our contact form below for more information and a free, no-obligation quote!

Get In Touch!

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It'd be great to hear all about your big day, why not drop us a line??

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If you'd prefer to call, you'll get Alan on 07715 119048. Alternatively if you have any specific questions you can contact us via email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Here's just some of the wedding venues we've worked at over the years:

Edinburgh & The Borders Wedding Venues:

G&V Hotel Royal Mile, The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh Castle, Royal Terrace Hotel, Edinburgh Zoo, The Caledonian Hotel,  Ghillie Dhu, MacDonald Holyrood House, George Heriots, The Hub, Cannongate Kirk, The Caves, The Apex Hotel, The Capital Hotel, Lothian Chambers, The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, Norton House Hotel, Kirknewton Stables,  Rosslyn Chapel, Dalmahoy Golf & Country Club, Barony Castle, Orocco Pier, Dakota Hotel South Queensferry, Cringletie House, Dalhousie Castle, The Carlton Hotel, The Corn Exchange, The Assembly Rooms, The Marriott Hotel, Cornhill House Hotel, Duddingston Kirk, Duns Castle

Glasgow Wedding Venues

Oran Mor, House For An Art Lover, Pollok House, Park Circus, Arta, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Garfield House Hotel, Mar Hall, Hotel No.10, Waxy O'Connor's, The Peoples Palace, Gallery of Modern Art, Grand Central Hotel, Menzies Hotel, Lynnhurst Hotel, The Crowne Plaza, Westerwood Hotel, Carnbooth House Hotel, Glazert Country House, Gleddoch House Hotel, Maryhill Burgh Halls, Blythswood Hotel, Strathblane Country House, Holiday Inn Theatreland, Oregano, The Buttery, The Busby Hotel

Argyllshire Wedding Venues

St Conon's Kirk, Portsonachan Hotel, Rosslea Hall Hotel,

Ayrshire Wedding Venues

Dumfries House, Brigadoon, Lochside House Hotel, Piersland House Hotel, Seamill Hydro, The Fenwick Arms, The Carlton Hotel Prestwick, Dundonald Castle, The Gailes Hotel, Western House Hotel, The Park Hotel Kilmarnock

Loch Lomond Wedding Venues

The Cruin, Lodge On Loch Lomond, The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel

Fife Wedding Venues

Solsgirth House, Balbirnie House, Keavil House Hotel, Culross Palace, Rufflets St Andrews, Queensferry Lodge Hotel

Dundee & Aberdeenshire Wedding Venues

RSS Discovery Dundee, The Landmark Hotel, Fasque House, Ballathie House, The Northern Hotel Aberdeen, St Machar Cathedral, Forbes Of Kingennie

Stirlingshire Wedding Venues

Glenskirlie Castle, Airth Castle, The Parsonage, Culcreuch Castle, Inchyra Grange, Glenbervie House, Linlithgow Palace

Perthshire Wedding Venues

Fingask Castle, Crieff Hydro, Hilton Dunkeld House, Eastwood House, Fonab Castle, The Hermitage

Highland Wedding Venues

Dornoch Castle, Achnagairn House, Alvie Church Aviemore, Dornoch Cathedral

Lanarkshire Wedding Venues

Dalziel Park, New Lanark Mill Hotel, The Torrance Hotel, The Avonbridge Hotel, Chatelherault, Hamilton Park Racecourse, Bothwell Bridge Hotel, The Alona Hotel, The Strathaven Hotel, The Castle Rooms, Strathclyde Hilton, South Dalziel Studios, Colville Park

West Lothian Wedding Venues

The Vu, Kaim Park Hotel, Houstoun House, Hilcroft Hotel, Deer Park Golf & Country Club, The Cairn Hotel

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